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apple watch

The Apple Watch finally is here, with a variety of models colours and range of pieces. Pre-orders will be taken for the Apple Watch, both online and in store, from 10 April. However, if you’re looking to buy at retail, you probably want to make sure that you reserve your watch beforehand. ” availability for random walk-in purchases on day one will be noticeably tight.”

Apple has confirmed that the Apple Watch battery is replaceable and should last up to three years before it needs replacing. However, we don’t know if this is something that can be done at select jewellers, or if it needs to be sent off to Apple to be done. We also have no price on how much a battery replacement will cost.

the Apple Watch will be a “game changer” that will have a one- or two-year head start over its rivals because it will be “nearly impossible for watchmakers to replicate”.

Apple is expected to sell the Apple Watch much differently than it sells its iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. Gurman has previously reported that customers will be able to book appointments in-store to try on the watches.

Employees are reportedly being trained to give fashion advice to customers about which model they should choose.

The Watch is expected to be customisable to allow users to change how the device functions and how it displays information. Apple news site reports that a new clock face feature called Monogram has been added to the device that will let users add their initials to the clock face. It will also be possible to add a small red dot to the Apple Watch’s clock to alert you when a new message has arrived. The face can also be set to give stock updates, including current price, point change, percentage change, or market cap.

The Watch has no keyboard, but users will be able to respond to messages by dictating or through a series of pre-set text replies for incoming text messages.

A new function is also expected to be added to maps, allowing users to receive a vibrate notification when it’s time to make a turn when they are using turn-by-turn directions.



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