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Watch Repair Shops Make Vintage Watch Investment Easier

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Everyone likes a classic and vintage watches are a fantastic investment. In previous years, investing in vintage watches has been for the true watch aficionado only; however, thanks to the rise of incredibly knowledgeable and comprehensive watch repair services across the UK, investing in a vintage watch that will keep your wrist looking suave is now easier and more affordable than ever.


When you’re buying a vintage watch that needs repairs, there are a few watch repair services to keep in mind to make the purchasing process that little bit easier and, most importantly, enjoyable.

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Top Quality Watch Repair With Watch Repair Shop

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If you are looking to get your watch repaired by a reliable, top quality watch repair company then look no further. Watch Repair Shop delivers a top quality watch repair service to all our customers, going above and beyond to deliver the best repairs and services, whether you send your watch by post or come into store. Watches are important to us, as a gift, to keep track of time, as part of your working life, your watch can feel like part of you and can even feel strange to not wear it. Watch Repair Shop will make sure your watch is fixed and working better than ever.


What Watch Repair Shop Do

They offer a great variety of watch repair services for all types, makes and models of watches. Their experience in watch repair means that their team know the best way to work with each watch and how to get it back into working order. If you own an older watch you may find It challenging to find a watch repair shop that can fix your watch or replace broken parts. This is because watch manufacturers only support each watch they make for so long and it isn’t always easy, or possible to locate parts or replacements for all watches. At the Watch Repair Shop, they have an experienced watch repair team who can easily source parts for your watch, regardless of the model and get it working again.

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Watch Battery Replacement: Choosing a Long-Lasting Watch Battery

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At one time in your life, it’s likely you would have had your watch battery replaced, in which case you probably took your watch into your local watch repair shop. However, while we rely on watch battery replacement specialists to tell us which battery is suitable for our watch, it’s good to know the basics so you can make an informed decision when choosing a long-lasting watch battery.


From battery chemistry to easy-to-read codes engraved on your current watch battery, there are several things to look out for before embarking on watch battery replacement.


How long should a watch battery last?

On average, watch batteries last up to four years; however, replacement watch batteries may only last between one and two years depending on the battery specs. Watch battery manufacturers measure longevity in milliamp hours (mAh) and the higher the mAh, the longer the battery will last. Although, mAh isn’t the only factor to consider – storage temperature also influences how long a watch battery will last. For instance, if you store a silver oxide battery at 21°C, it will lose approximately 10% of its power every year. You can increase the longevity of your watch battery by storing your watch in a cool, dry area – the hotter your watch and battery get, the quicker it will lose power. Read More

watch glass cutting

Watch Glass Cutting

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A new glass replacement is required when the existing glass is either scratched, broken or chipped, so as to avoid potential damage from liquid or dust entering the watch and movement.

In many cases, glass replacement is available through cutting a pre-existing, round shape glass to the required diameter, however in some cases a watch may have a unique shape or size that necessitates cutting a new glass that would fit. is the solution for all your watch glass cutting

Our watch glass cutting services include plastic and acrylic crystals, glass and mineral crystals and also sapphire crystals.

We employ unique glass cutting techniques and tools that allow us to cut very specific and unusually shaped glass, and crystals up to 1mm thin. Additionally, we can cut glass crystals that are curved or domed. Read More

Watch restoration

Watch Restoration

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Our watch restoration services are aimed at providing an aesthetic overhaul service to our customers watches.

All of the different parts of a watch such as the metal bracelet, case, bezel, brown, dial and hands are exposed to the elements and normal wear and tear, which we can restore back to pristine condition.

Watch Polishing & Restoration – Includes polishing all scratches, marks and blemishes off the exposed metal. Each of the metal parts is disassembled and polished separately to achieve a perfect result. We restore stainless steel watches, yellow gold watches, white gold watches, silver and more.

Once the watch has been polished, we restore the original brush finish to “showroom condition”.

We can also polish and restore gold plated watches and have them re-plated where needed. In cases where a particular part, such as bracelet link, bezel or crown is severely damaged, we are able to supply original parts.

You are welcome to call our workshop to discuss restoration of your watch.

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apple watch

Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch finally is here, with a variety of models colours and range of pieces. Pre-orders will be taken for the Apple Watch, both online and in store, from 10 April. However, if you’re looking to buy at retail, you probably want to make sure that you reserve your watch beforehand. ” availability for random walk-in purchases on day one will be noticeably tight.”

Apple has confirmed that the Apple Watch battery is replaceable and should last up to three years before it needs replacing. However, we don’t know if this is something that can be done at select jewellers, or if it needs to be sent off to Apple to be done. We also have no price on how much a battery replacement will cost. Read More

Best Watches in UK

Best Watches in UK

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A wristwatch is one of the few items in a man’s life that has the longevity to be passed down to future generations.

This list includes 5 of the most desirable brands available today and the most iconic watches. Most of these watches will remain collectable editions and you can find them in the most exclusives stores around London this are the best watches in UK. Read More