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Watch Battery Replacement: Choosing a Long-Lasting Watch Battery

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At one time in your life, it’s likely you would have had your watch battery replaced, in which case you probably took your watch into your local watch repair shop. However, while we rely on watch battery replacement specialists to tell us which battery is suitable for our watch, it’s good to know the basics so you can make an informed decision when choosing a long-lasting watch battery.

From battery chemistry to easy-to-read codes engraved on your current watch battery, there are several things to look out for before embarking on watch battery replacement.


How long should a watch battery last?

On average, watch batteries last up to four years; however, replacement watch batteries may only last between one and two years depending on the battery specs. Watch battery manufacturers measure longevity in milliamp-hours (mAh) and the higher the mAh, the longer the battery will last. Although, mAh isn’t the only factor to consider – storage temperature also influences how long a watch battery will last. For instance, if you store a silver oxide battery at 21°C, it will lose approximately 10% of its power every year. You can increase the longevity of your watch battery by storing your watch in a cool, dry area – the hotter your watch and battery get, the quicker it will lose power.


If you are concerned with how fast your watch battery loses power or are looking for a long-lasting watch battery, contact your local watch battery replacement specialist for expert advice.


Did you know: Watch brands such as Citizen now offer eco-safe technology which claims to provide a watch battery that “lasts forever” while the likes of Cartier and Rolex have mechanical mechanisms that run solely on the movement of your wrist, meaning you don’t need a watch battery at all.


Types of Watch Battery Chemistry

The chemistry in a watch battery is what keeps the hands ticking, and the kind of chemistry you choose will influence the longevity of your watch battery. With 1.5-volt cells, silver oxide and alkaline watch batteries are the shortest lasting batteries, with both losing power at a similar rate. However, lithium batteries are a longer-lasting type of watch battery, typically found in medium to premium-grade watches, and contain three-volt cells, which means, on average, the last 15-20% longer than silver oxide and alkaline batteries. Typically, lithium batteries are larger and you must, therefore, check with your watch battery replacement service to find out if your watch is compatible with lithium batteries.


Finding your Reference Number

If you’re looking to have your watch battery replaced with the same type of watch battery you purchased it with, see what kind of battery you have by looking for the reference code on the outside of the battery. CR or BR represents lithium while L, LR or AG is for alkaline and SR or SG for silver oxide.


Other Watch Battery Replacement Services

While you’re having your watch repaired, often, watch repair shops will throw in complimentary services. For instance, the official Watch Repair Shop includes a “health check” for your watch during watch battery replacement and will complete water resistance and pressure testing services, too.


To find out more about watch battery replacement, go to

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