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Everyone likes classic and vintage watches are a fantastic investment. In previous years, investing in vintage watches has been for the true watch aficionado only; however, thanks to the rise of incredibly knowledgeable and comprehensive watch repair services across the UK, investing in a vintage watch that will keep your wrist looking suave is now easier and more affordable than ever.

When you’re buying a vintage watch that needs repairs, there are a few watch repair services to keep in mind to make the purchasing process that little bit easier and, most importantly, enjoyable.


Scratched or Dented Glass

The first sign of damage you will notice when buying a vintage watch is the glass face of the watch. A few years ago, scratched, or dented watch glass would have been incredibly off-putting to budding watch investors; however, technology has come a long way, and most specialist watch repair services can now buff scratches away and, in severe cases, laser-cut a new glass or crystal panel for your vintage watch. Better still, rest assured that replacing the glass on a watch will rarely take away from its original value – more than anything, you should concern yourself with the state of the face and casing.


Tatty or Broken Straps

Another off-putting but entirely fixable issue with vintage watches is tatty or broken watch straps, especially leather straps which can look very worse for wear as they’re not as long-lasting as metal chain links, for instance. Thankfully, when you punch watch repair near me into Google, you’ll find dozens of repair and replacement services for all types of straps, including chain links, leather, and even NATO watch straps which are available in an assortment of colours and, usually, interchangeable.


Missing Parts or a Damaged Watch Face

Buying vintage watches with missing parts or a damaged watch face is risky business as, sometimes, specific watch parts are no longer in production which means you must settle for replicas, in which case it’s unlikely you’ll ever be able to get the watch back to its best in both value and aesthetic. If you’re considering purchasing a watch with missing parts, such as watch hands, or a damaged watch face, including scratches and cracks, contact a specialist watch repair shop to find out if they can source and replace the parts you need, or offer very high-standard replicas of the original parts.


Polishing will make a world of difference

In some cases, if you’re lucky, you might find a vintage watch with little wrong with it aside from a few light scratches on its exterior. In which case, find a good watch service to polish your watch – you’ll be surprised what a difference it can make. While having your watch polished, consider purchasing a new battery, too, to keep your watch ticking over for years to come and prevent the battery from corroding.


The next time you’re buying a watch, consider a classic and spend time sifting through antique shops and fairs to find a vintage watch that you can have repaired. Remember, no matter how neglected a vintage watch may look, typically, there is always a watch repair service that will get it back to best.


To find out more about watch repair, visit the Watch Repair Shop at

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