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How to Replace Your Watch Batteries

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Even though watch batteries can last for a long time, experts in timekeeping recommend changing them every 12 to 18 months to avoid a corroded battery that could damage your expensive watch. It might be inconvenient to take a watch in for a battery change. You need to carve out time from your hectic schedule to visit the jeweller and, if necessary, leave your pricey watch there for a whole day. You may save a lot of time and money by learning how to change batteries at home. However, verify the warranty on your watch before you begin. Check to see whether changing a battery on your own won’t invalidate your insurance. A jeweller will need to pressurise your waterproof watch in order to stop leaks. Learn how to replace a watch battery at home by reading on.

Equipment You’ll Need

You’ll need to collect the necessary tools, which include the following, in order to effectively change your watch battery at home:

  • a soft fabric, a newspaper, or a magazine
  • a tiny flathead screwdriver or blunt knife
  • replacing the battery (You may Google your watch style to get the proper model.)
  • Tweezers
  • Sharp-nosed pliers

How to Replace the Battery in a Watch at Home
You may replace the battery yourself by following these instructions after you have the necessary supplies:

Set the Watch on the Table with the Face Down.

To prevent scratches on the watch face as you work on it, remember to lay down a magazine, newspaper, or soft cloth beforehand.

Choose the type of cover your watch has, then remove it as necessary.
There are three main types of watch covers, and each may be removed using a different technique:

Screwed together

You can notice a number of tiny screws around the cover’s edge on this sort of cover. Use a little screwdriver to carefully pry them out of this cover, and then lay them away in a tiny dish so you won’t misplace them.

Cover with screws

If your watch has a screw-on cover, the edge of the cover contains a pattern of notches, often 6–8 in number. To remove this kind of cover, carefully twist the rear cover while securing needle nose pliers in two notches.

Adhesive cover

The rear cover of the most common type of cover has a tiny overlap or lip at the edge; to remove it, insert a blunt knife edge or the tip of a small flathead screwdriver under the lip and apply leverage to snap it off.

Take the Spacer out.

Once the rear cover has been taken off, you’ll see a plastic spacer between it and the watch’s internals. This spacer holds everything in place and safeguards the watch’s mechanism. Use a pair of tweezers to carefully grip the spacer and raise it straight up to remove it. After that, put it aside, but make sure to do it in a spot that is clean. In order to avoid damaging the internal mechanism when you replace it later, you don’t want it to collect dust or filth.

Take the Battery out.

You should see the battery is held in place by two metal clips after removing the spacer. The battery is secured by these clamps. While one of the clips may be moved to change the battery, the other is immovable. The battery may be held in place by screws in some high-end timepieces, such as Rolex watches. To avoid installing the new battery upside down, it is a good idea to use your phone to take a photo of the battery positioning at this time. Select the movable clip with care, then carefully move it with a pair of tweezers. The battery ought should simply pop out. Leave it alone.

Put in the fresh battery.

Install the new battery while moving the clip with the tweezers this time. Check to see if the watch is ticking before continuing. Check to see whether the battery is placed properly if it isn’t. The battery is most frequently simply placed upside down or is not securely fastened.

Swap out the spacer

When the battery starts to tick, carefully replace the spacer using tweezers. To prevent harm to your clock, make sure there is no dirt, dust, or hair on it.

Change the Cover

The watch’s rear cover should be replaced.

Screwed together

Reinstall the screws you previously placed aside while holding the cover over the watch. Don’t overtighten the screws or you run the risk of damaging the component. Just make sure the screws are snug.

Cover with screws

In the grooves, insert your needle-nose pliers, and screw the watch cover back on. Make sure it is solid, but don’t tighten it too much.

Adhesive cover

Push the watch’s cover onto the watch until you hear a click. Using some force could be necessary, so be careful to protect the watch’s face to prevent scratches.

Get Rid of the Old Battery Correctly

The batteries in watches should be disposed of as if they were rechargeable batteries since they contain dangerous chemicals (throwing them in the trash is illegal in the United Kingdom). You may properly dispose of your used watch battery in the battery recycling bins that are frequently seen at home improvement and office supply stores.

It’s critical to replace watch batteries on a regular basis to safeguard your investment.
Although it’s crucial to replace your watch battery on a regular basis, doing so doesn’t have to be difficult or necessitate a trip to the famous Hatton Garden, which is the jewellery quarter in London. As part of your routine watch care and maintenance, remember to replace the battery. You may enjoy your expensive item for many years if you keep it clean and store it in its original case. Are you wanting to expand your watch collection with a new timepiece? Browse our extensive collection of renowned watch brands, including Rolex, Cartier, and Patek Philippe, at Luxury of Watches.

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