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Choosing The Right Watch Strap When Reparing

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If your watch is damaged or broken, your first port of contact should be a watch repair business. While your local watch repair shop completes the repairs, you may take advantage of the time to experiment with different watch straps to give your timepiece a fresh lease of life. Different kinds of watch straps are suited to different lifestyles, so it’s important to pick the proper one to guarantee a lifetime.


Leather straps, a traditional form of strap available in various colours, are one of the most common styles of watch straps utilised by watch repair companies when refurbishing watches. If you wear your watch to work, a leather strap is an excellent option since it is classic and long-lasting. Most leather watch straps are made of calf leather; however, natural Nappa leather is becoming more popular. Choose a brown leather watch strap that can be dressed up or down to suit casual and formal outfits. A black watch strap is highly formal, but a coloured watch strap in blue, green, or burgundy may be tough to design while seeming very casual.


Rubber straps are ideal if your watch is waterproof or a sports watch since, unlike leather, seawater will not break down the material. On the other hand, Rubber straps offer a really casual feel that is ideal for the gym or the beach but looks a little out of place at the workplace. Suppose you have an old watch repaired that you don’t wear often. It may be beneficial to have your watch repair shop replace the strap with a rubber strap so you can wear the watch at the gym or on the weekend without worrying about the strap being easily damaged or smelling of sweat, as some leather straps do.


A NATO strap is a woven strap that is most often seen on army timepieces. On the other hand, provides advantages for the average watch wearer. A NATO strap is relatively easy to switch, making it incredibly versatile–you can quickly change the strap colour to match your outfit. When your watch is being repaired, it’s good to look into the many NATO straps on the market since it can be worth your while to get a few alternative styles. However, keep in mind that a woven NATO watch strap is quite informal and should normally only be worn as a daytime watch or while you’re active.


Metal link bracelets are an excellent alternative for a high-end watch — sterling silver and gold are quite adaptable. On the other hand, chain link watch straps are a little more expensive, which is why you should keep it for a genuinely unique watch. In most situations, your local watch repair shop will be able to simply remove links from a metal strap, making it an excellent option if you’re purchasing a watch as a gift.


A sailcloth watch strap is hard to match for casual elegance and durability. Many businesses manufacture these nylon-based straps from, you guessed it, sailmaking material. It’s a really robust material, dries rapidly, and looks fantastic.

A sailcloth strap may be worn with almost any kind of watch. They sparkle, though, when paired with an aircraft or nautical-themed (for continuity, of course) chronograph.

Consider replacing your watch strap the next time you get your watch battery changed or an old watch fixed to better fit your lifestyle.

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